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We have provided a tool for our clients that we are working with remotely. We use a secure file exchange web portal via Drake Software for you to upload your tax documents instead of using email which is not secure.

This is the safest, most convenient and secure way for us to keep your private and confidential information protected while maintaining efficeincy. Simply upload pictures from your phone, PDFs, PNG or JPEG documents at your convenience.

Your access and files are always protected by industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secure and files are encrypted while resting on the server. At all times, you can view and access your own documents. The portal is web-based and works with just about any browser, computer or smart phone. 


When you are ready to do your taxes, if you dont already have an account book an appointment which will notify us and we will provide you with an email containing a username and password for your use. 

If you already have a username and password from previous years click the link below to proceed.

Finally, if you have any questions and/or issues please contact us right away. 

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